This is a short guide to the ISCA virtual venue, which is where you can find all talk recordings and live sessions. We encourage you to explore! At the home page there are eye-shaped buttons to register and to download useful information (Documents). These documents are also available once you enter the Main Conference Hall. For the week of June 7, the Exhibition Hall and the auditoria are not available; these will open the week of June 14, the official starting date of the conference.

Top Menu

The top menu contains links to the conference program (Program) and the discussion forum (Forum). These two sections will be your main avenues to navigate the conference the week of June 7.

From the upper right corner of the top menu, attendees can access their personal profiles, exchange virtual business cards with other attendees, etc.

Virtual Venue Menu Options


The Program option in the top menu opens a window listing the conference's entire program, sorted by day and session. Each session can be added to one's personalized schedule by clicking on the calendar icon with the "+" (plus) sign. Each paper entry lists the title, authors, and abstract, as well as buttons to watch the author's video recording and to download a PDF copy of the paper.

While watching a video, attendees may enter questions or comments for the authors in the Comments box below the video screen. Authors are recommended to refrain from immediately answering those questions, instead keeping them for the Q&A part of their live presentation.

Virtual Venue Program Example


The Forum option in the top menu opens a different window, where one can scroll through the open discussions among attendees. These are different from the comments to papers: attendees create new threads based on their topic of interest, and others can join in the debate. Please note that these discussion threads are monitored for relevance and appropriateness. Look for your favorite topic(s) or create a new one!

Virtual Venue Forum

Main Hall

Virtual Venue Main Hall

In the main hall, there is an information booth that also provides access to the online conference program, as well as several useful documents. These documents include the technical requirements of the platform, guidelines for speakers and session chairs, a downloadable and clickable PDF of the conference program, and welcome messages by the general, program, and industry track chairs.

Virtual Venue Information Desk If you ever get lost, go to the Information Desk in the main hall to read FAQs or communicate with the technical secretariat.