Visa Requirements

The ISCA 2024 conference will be held in Argentina. A visa may be required for you to enter the country. For the most up-to-date information on whether you need a visa to attend ISCA 2024, please visit the following websites:

Once you register for the conference, the conference organization is able to provide visa support letters to attendees as well as authors with accepted papers or members of the conference committee. Only accepted authors, invited speakers, or members of the conference committee may request a visa support letter prior to registering for the conference.

Visa Support Letter Requests

To request an invitation letter, please submit this form to the ISCA'24 Organizers. Please verify first with your corresponding Argentine Consulate about the requirements for your specific case before submitting the form. For example, some Argentine Consulates may request a physical copy of the invitation letter with notarized signature. A US$ 45 fee + shipping cost applies in such case.

Before the invitation letter is issued, additional information may also be requested by the ISCA'24 Organizers if/as needed for some invitation letter requests such as copy of your passport and/or student ID. You should allow sufficient time for a response to be given. Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain all necessary documentation to visit Argentina and to do so in a timely manner.