Excursion at a Glance

  • The buses will leave from MWC hotel starting at 5:30pm on Tuesday June 20th. Buses only leave when full. The last bus will leave around 5:50pm.
  • The bus ride is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Guests will show up around 7pm (or a little before) and walk a short distance through the KSC complex to the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit.
  • There will be a short movie to watch on entrance (capacity about 3 buses) so we will probably show the movie 4 times to get everyone through (it's like a Disney ride).
  • After an outer movie, doors open to an inner movie (and then a new set of people can watch the outer movie (pipelined).
  • After the inner movie, the doors open to view the shuttle (it's awesome) and then guests have free reign of the museum with many exhibits including interactive flight simulators and gift shop.
  • Food and drinks will be served and there is a cash bar.
  • The first buses will leave at 9:30pm (again, can only leave when full) and the last bus (all remaining buses) will leave at 10:30pm.
  • More details are available at KSC page.